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Quick and direct answers to your questions about booking and using a Faro car hire in Algarve through YouDrive.cc. We publish here the small questions our customers ask us and the answers we give them. Please read through the Q & A Bits below and hopefully you can also clarify some of your doubts.

What is car rental insurance excess?

Standard car rental collision insurance, like your personal car insurance has an excess to be payed in case of claimed accident. Car rental insurance excess is the part of the insurance that is not covered by the standard Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). If you buy the excess waiver when renting a car you are excempt from any payment in the event your hire car is damage by accident or stolen.

Can I have No Excess car hire with You Drive?

Yes, the car hire insurance excess can be totally waived if you buy the Excess Buy Out. Also know as Super CDW it is a small daily fee insurance that is payed along with your car rental contract and subscribed when you make the booking that makes what is also called Zero Excess, meaning that you will have nothing to pay in case of accident.

Why do I need a credit card to rent a car in Algarve?

While you can pay for your car rental in cash, debit card or credit card, a credit card is necessary to have a pre-authorization in the amount of the excess for the car that is being hired. This is to guarantee the Security Deposit.

What if I don't have a credit card to guarantee the car hire Security Deposit?

If you don't have or don't want to use a credit card we accept a debit card to guarantee the car hire Security Deposit but in this case you need to buy the Super CDW + SPI. This way you will be totally insured and also the Security Deposit will be lowered to about 1 third.


If you have any question that is not answered here, please drop us a note and we will respond you as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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