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Faro car hire covid-19 safe. Clean and higienized cars for the safety or our customers in Algarve

Covid 19 Update - A message of confidence for our car hire customers. The cars we deliver at Faro airport or anywhere in Algarve are clean and safe.

As we continue to face the challenges that COVID-19 brings, our way of life has changed dramatically over the past few months. Fortunately it seems that the worst is over and with the end of confinement and the progressive increase in air travel, people will start to be able to travel to their favorite vacation destinations with all the security guarantees.

On our side, we would like to assure our customers that we will do everything - and we are doing - to guarantee them a safe and hygienic holiday with regard to their rental car in the Algarve.

All rental cars that make up the group of companies that we are part of adhere strictly to local government and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. That is why we received the "Clean & Safe" certification promoted by Turismo de Portugal, which gives our customers the peace of mind guaranteed by our extreme care with regard to the safety of our customers.

Elevated sanitation across all the rent a car procedures, from pick up to drop off, includes the use of approved disinfectants for use against COVID-19 and other bacteria.

Our actions to protect our customers against COVID-19

All cars Extra Cleaned and Disinfected to follow CDC guidelines with our 13-point cleaning process.
Before we rent any vehicle, they are cleaned and disinfected to follow CDC guidelines with our 15-point cleaning process. We use our Yor car Total Plus Disinfectant and seal the vehicle for your protection.

Available in All locations since May 2020.

Sanitized - Sealed - Delivered

Spotless exterior wash | All interior surfaces wiped | Compartments checked & cleaned | Odors removed & disinfected

Our 13 Step Cleaning Process:

* Disinfect vehicle at return area
* Perform vehicle inspection
* Inspect interior
* Remove trash and lost/found items
* Vacuum interior front, rear seat area and trunk
* Clean window interiors
* Disinfect all key contact surfaces, as door handles, steering wheel & controls
* Wiper fluid check and replenishment
* Spray odor eliminator
* Wash exterior of vehicle
* Perform quality check
* Stall vehicle, disinfect driver area
* OK Yor car Gold Clean and Safe seal!

At we do everything - even more than before - to guarantee the well-being and health and safety of our customers.
Book with Confidence your rental car for Faro airport or to be delivered to your hotel, villa, apartment or resort anywhere in the Algarve, with the guarantee that if something happens that forces you to change your plans you will not be penalized for that reason because you can cancel at no cost.


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