Car Rental in Alvor | Book your car hire in Alvor to know the region

Alvor is an amazing location that is worth a visit.
Alvor is a seaside resort and fishing town in the Algarve, in the municipality of Portimão.

Alvor is a town full of history. It was founded in 436 by the general carthaginian Aníbal Barca that here founded the well-known Portus Annibalis that served as port of shelter in its expeditions between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic.

Later the Romans dominated Alvor to which they gave the name of Ipsis. A Roman coin of the same name was minted in Alvor, one of three places in Portugal that were allowed to mint money at that time.

The Moors took Alvor in 716 and the village was renamed Albur. Some vestiges of the castle of the time are still visible in Alvor these days.
After several wars Alvor was definitively reconquered for the Portuguese crown in 1250.

Today Alvor is a fishing town that lives perfectly with a tourism that appreciates the calm and relax of the beach and the good Portuguese gastronomy but does not dispense the nightlife provided by the numerous bars of music and the relaxation and animation of a relaxed holiday.
Alvor is, in fact, a special village that deserves to be known and appreciated.

In order to enjoy the surroundings of Alvor and the beautiful beaches that exist here you can rent a car in Alvor and drive freely to know the region at your leisure.


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